How a Real Estate Company Works


The real estate industry works because property value tends to rise, and people can make a profit by buying or selling homes. Real estate agents and brokers facilitate real estate transactions, and their commissions are a percentage of the total sale price of each home they sell or buy on behalf of clients.

Whether you work for a traditional brokerage or a tech-driven startup, you must master business planning and service marketing to grow your business. Successful realtors build relationships with their sphere of influence, and they generate referrals by leveraging robust CRM tools to track leads. Then, when their sphere of influence is ready to buy or sell a property, they can introduce them to the right agent.

As the industry continues to evolve, newcomers like Compass are reshaping the landscape. Some old firms with storied histories remain among the top real estate companies in NYC, but others are being outpaced by competitors that offer a more innovative approach to the industry. Read more


A real estate company is either a property management group or a brokerage. A property management group buys and manages commercial or residential properties on behalf of its clients. An individual real estate agent who works for a brokerage earns a commission on each home they sell or buy, but also gives a portion of their commission to the brokerage.


As a result, each member of a real estate team plays different roles on a client’s behalf. For example, one team member may handle buyer phone calls regarding listings while another escorts buyers on home-showing tours and hosts open houses. However, many duties can and do overlap, depending on the agent’s expertise and affinities.

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